Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hot Fun in The Summertime

This past weekend officially kick-started the pool party season. A few friends, family & tons of babies congregated at the Gulbrandsen homestead for an afternoon of sunburns, food & a couple of mixed drinks.

Eric, Bev & Trisha Keeping Cool

Ander's the 'Bikini Inspector'

Swimming Cousins Sienna & Hunter

The always suave guys kickin' back enjoying the rays

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

July Long Weekend

Sorry for the poor writing. Sarah hasn't updated "our" site in awhile so I thought if I posted something she'd probably edit and change everything. (Most likely you're not even reading this)

So we had a long weekend. July 1st is Canada day and the Monday was off for most everybody. I happened to get some visitors from out of town, so I took Fri-Sun off. Some old friends from my ISS high school days. Phil attended our wedding, and is from Germany, but we last saw him together with Gareth 2 summers ago in London. We commented that we always seem to get together when there are bombs going off in London. Kind of Strange.

And finally Gavin. Hadn't seen the guy in 8 years. He looked older and more mature, but I'm only saying looked mature. He was the same old :)

We'll hopefully post more this upcoming weekend. Supposedly the first days of summer have arrived. 30+ C degrees (80+F). This weekend we'll throw a massive pool party and if you know about this blog, you're invited.