Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's a Girl! (We think!)

Today marked the first ultrasound of Baby G. The baby was strong and healthy and might be a little on the large side (please note, Ben was 10lbs). According to the ultrasound technician it looks like we are having a baby girl! We do not know 100% because the baby's cord was wedged right between its legs. It was being modest and shy. So, for now we are saying 'Girl' and that will be confirmed next month when we have a special 3D ultrasound. Without further ado here are the first pics of Baby G, otherwise known as Lily Joy Gulbrandsen (we think!)

We were told these are feet.

Baby curled up with little booty in the air.

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Monday, December 3, 2007

Tis the Season

The last month has been a whirlwind of travel, parties and work!

Towards the end of November we took a very quick trip down to San Francisco to surprise Sarah's parent's for their 50th Birthdays. They were really surprised to come home on the afternoon of American Thanksgiving to see all of their kids (that live up and down the West Coast) sitting at their dining room table. Later in the weekend we took out the parents for a special dinner at the Tonga Room at the San Francisco Fairmont. The Tonga Room is the Strong family's old standby for special occasions. The food is decent, but the live music, dancing and indoor rainfall make it a fun party venue.

Ben has been busy working 6 or 7 days week at the store! This is the biggest buying time for jewelry so he wants to make sure he is available for customers. We had a professional window dresser come in this year and decorate the store. It looks amazing! If you live in Victoria and desire beautiful (but affordable) jewelry, you should stop by.

Just this past weekend Sarah was in charge of her company Christmas Party. She bused in about 100 people to Butchart Gardens and basically took over the place. It snowed the day of the party, and the Gardens looked like an enchanted fairy kingdom. It was a true winter wonderland. If you are interested in seeing more pics from the party you can them out on Sarah's company blog at

Oh, I guess one really big thing that we have not announced yet in the blogosphere is that Sarah is expecting. She is 17 weeks pregnant along and will be having her ultrasound appointment on December 13th. We are counting down the days until then. So be sure to check back next week for the first pics of Baby G!

Mom & Dad's 50th with the Fam.

At the entrance of Butchart Gardens

Dancing with friends in the snow at Butchart

The Enchanted Garden