Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's a Girl! (We think!)

Today marked the first ultrasound of Baby G. The baby was strong and healthy and might be a little on the large side (please note, Ben was 10lbs). According to the ultrasound technician it looks like we are having a baby girl! We do not know 100% because the baby's cord was wedged right between its legs. It was being modest and shy. So, for now we are saying 'Girl' and that will be confirmed next month when we have a special 3D ultrasound. Without further ado here are the first pics of Baby G, otherwise known as Lily Joy Gulbrandsen (we think!)

We were told these are feet.

Baby curled up with little booty in the air.

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Tiff said...

O my gosh! Those are some big feet!
So cute!