Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cruddy Milestone

The child has hit a milestone tonight. One that I didn't see coming... at all. After placing my toddler in bed for the night she thought that she would get up and join me downstairs. Something just clicked in that little brain and she decided that her crib would no longer be an obstacle to her will. She flung her legs/body over the side of the rail and came screaming to the door of the bedroom. The best part of all of this is that we are still at my parents for the next 3 weeks! The ironic thing is that the words ' I am keeping her in a crib forever,' actually left my lips while with a group of friends this afternoon. I eat my words everytime!  In normal circumstances people would encourage me to put her in a new 'big girl' bed, but that is an impossibility seeing as how we are currently long-term houseguests. Any suggestions on this one would be appreciated. 

Really Lil?! Your timing could not be better. Should we also try potty training and ditch the pacifer over the next 3 weeks too?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

And it Unfolds...

After a few weeks of bumming around at the Canadian inlaw's place, Lily and I have finally made it down to California. We are now bumming around my parents. Hmmm. You would think that at nearly 30 years of age there would not be a whole lot of 'bumming around' going on- especially when you happen to own a child. Ahh... but this segues nicely into our great news! We shall not be bums much longer! Ben was approved for his Greencard this morning and we just found out that we have secured the townhouse in the town of Danville. The new place is in a great little complex with a pool, playground and surrounded by amazing outdoor shopping centers. Can't wait to live the California lifestyle. Our move-in date is tentatively set for December 12th but we are praying for it to be moved up sooner. The thought of driving a rickety u-haul through the snowy mountain passes of I-5 is not super appealing.

 I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our gracious Canadian friends and family for the outpouring of love and generosity that was lavished upon us in our last days in Victoria. We appreciate the support in this next stage of our adventure. We also plan on visiting often- so you have not gotten rid of us yet. It will probably feel like we have never left!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We're Back! Otherwise known as " Why Not to Move With a One year old"

I had no idea what we were in for. None. The last week and a half are a complete blur in my mind, compiled of sleepless nights and intensely busy days. People started asking me a couple of months prior to moving ' are you guys packed yet?' I kept answering them with a slightly irritated 'no, not yet.' I mean did they think that we'd never moved before? Try 8 times in the last 10 years (if you count college, which I do). In my naivete I did not realize that what they were really asking was 'are you prepared to move with a 1 year old?' No my friends, I had absolutely no concept of the sheer energy and will-power that was needed to move an entire home with a 1 year old in tote. I can honestly say that this is a feat that I hope never to perform again in my life. To save others from the agony of thinking that it will be 'easy sailing' to move with the friendly toddler down your hall, I would like to introduce the Top 10 Reasons Not to Move When You Own a 1 year old.

10. Real packing only happens during toddler resting periods- that means afternoons and nights. You will be watching Sesame Street at 10am, stressing out that you have hardly packed but realize that to start packing when said toddler is awake and raring to go is futile.
9. Toddler will begin to expect pizza for every meal.
8. Playing Hide 'n Seek in the moving truck proves to be a dangerous game.
7. You will realize 5 days too late that the toddler has not been bathed in a week. Whoops- is it really your little toes that I am smelling from across the room?
6. Boxes and packing tape become the toys of choice.
5. Monkey Syndrome is activated- you will find your body a continual host to a clingy, 28lb monkey, whining not to be put down.
4. Moving = extra sensitive and schmoopy toddler. Just try to leave without sneaking out- I dare you.
3. Elmo and Dora the Explorer will become your toddler's closest friends- at least for a while.
2. Toddler will start to think it is normal to keep toys, food, underwear (anything really) in cardboard boxes.
1. New location means new, extra-early wake-up time. Ugh, enough said.

  Lil and her Dad looking a bit tired from all this moving business.

Lil and I have less than a week left in Canada and needless to say we are excited to get this show on the road and start the next chapter. Overall we cannot complain- we are blessed and despite our current displacement life is good.

A little out of place for this post but thought I would post a picof Lily the Bumblebee and Cousin " Thomas the Tank Engine" Anders on Halloween. At least we got to do a little Trick or Treating amidst the moving. We had a decent candy haul this year.