Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cruddy Milestone

The child has hit a milestone tonight. One that I didn't see coming... at all. After placing my toddler in bed for the night she thought that she would get up and join me downstairs. Something just clicked in that little brain and she decided that her crib would no longer be an obstacle to her will. She flung her legs/body over the side of the rail and came screaming to the door of the bedroom. The best part of all of this is that we are still at my parents for the next 3 weeks! The ironic thing is that the words ' I am keeping her in a crib forever,' actually left my lips while with a group of friends this afternoon. I eat my words everytime!  In normal circumstances people would encourage me to put her in a new 'big girl' bed, but that is an impossibility seeing as how we are currently long-term houseguests. Any suggestions on this one would be appreciated. 

Really Lil?! Your timing could not be better. Should we also try potty training and ditch the pacifer over the next 3 weeks too?


Daniel and Cerissa said...
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Daniel and Cerissa said...

Ha! I LOVE eating my words. Happens a lot ;)
I sure wouldn't make any changes while you're at your parents! Whaterver you do, just be consistent... I'm sure she is feeling out of sorts with all the changes these days. You are an awesome momma!