Monday, May 9, 2011

To Be 3

"Is my Birthday next?
"Is my Birthday today?"
"Are my friends coming now?"

We were asked these 3 questions every morning for nearly two month before Lily's 3rd Birthday.

She would whisper to willing checkers at the supermarket about her princess birthday party. She would share about her impending party plans with the child card helpers at our little church. She would inform new friends on the playground that it was her birthday ' next.' This kid knows how to party and in true Gulbrandsen fashion our not-so-little Lil had an entire weekend dedicated to her 3rd Birthday.

Cake Time at Party #1 with Cousin Forest and Auntie Tiff

 She begged for a Strawberry Cake.

 T Strong AKA Nona wore her wedding dress circa 1977 to the big party. That's what I call recycling.

 Don't mess with the Birthday Girl when she has a bat in her hand.

 Posing Cousins.

 Great-Grandparents. Grandma Cookie donned another gorgeous gown as the Queen Mother.

You would think that after months of dreaming about her Princess Birthday Party there would be significant let-down the day after the festivities cease. Not the case with our girl. She lay in her bed the night after her Princess Party and told me 'no more my birthday.' Then she grinned at me and said 'Mommy's birthday next.' Always the optimist. Always looking forward to the next big party.