Monday, April 30, 2007

Sweating like Superstars

On Sunday, April 29th we strapped on our running shoes and raced with 8,500 other runners at the Victoria Times Colonist 10k. We competed on Sarah's work team the "Neverblue Neon Sweatbands," hence the beautiful neon bands that adorn our heads in the pictures shown below.The weather was clear & sunny- perfect for working up a sweat. In the end our times were Ben- 50min and Sarah-54min. The times were just OK, they will motivate us to train harder for next year! Next up on the running agenda... the Victoria Marathon? We shall see!

Ben pushing it during the run. Notice the look of agony on his face!

Looking a little bit grotesque but happy after the run along with Gareth from the G Team

ahhh... the Finish Line!


Tricia said...

Yay! Good for you guys, I was down there cheering, but I didn't see Ben, and Sarah didn't hear me because of her head phones. Good job!

elisa deanne said...

Good for you guys. Ryan and I just planted our garden and ate pizza! I just joined Boot camp at the end of May so hopefully when we move there you won't be embarrased to run with me!!

elisa deanne said...

Sarah next year you will be leaving Ben in your dust, just have to knock off 4 minutes! Great job to both of you Olympic Athletes!


Travel Girl said...

Impressive! 10km is a long way! Do you two run regularly? Oh man, I'd die!

Rayael said...

Good Job you two! I was with Tricia and cheering like (a) wild (I was going to say women...but one of us is maybe a tad more so than the other)woman. We saw Sarah and thought that she must have left Ben in her dust...made some 'thheee' remarks to that and YOU WERE AHEAD of her! So must retract our 'thheee' comments aimed at you. GOOD JOB! I will wear bubble wrap next year for the month heading up to the race...I WILL be doing it!

Rachel H. said...

Well done - it's a good achievement isn't it? And I can vouch for Rayael - despite choosing to be the poster child for reasons NOT to play baseball, she is the best encourager/cheerer of friends on the planet.

Rayael said...

I want to see the 'ugly' picture ~ Sarah!! : )