Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Life & Times

This is the latest installment in the happenings of Ben & Sarah. For all of our faithful readers we profusely apologize for the delay in posting. It seems that stalking (ahem... I mean adding friends) on Facebook has been taking up too much of our internet hours.

The month of May was busy with lots of parties & celebrations. In mid-May Sarah orchestrated a fundraising ,1950's Sock Hop on behalf of her work and the BC Cancer Foundation. The event was a huge success complete with live music, dancers and a silent auction. Sarah even got a little air time on the evening news dressed up as a lovely (but rather drag-queenish) pink lady.Then on May 30th Sarah celebrated her 26th Birthday with friends & family at her Canada's Next Top Model Birthday Party. She is now officially on the 'other' side of her twenties and not quite sure if she likes that.There seems to be a bit of a theme here... Yes it is true, May has been declared Sarah's month.

Just last weekend we were able to hang out with some of Renee's family from New York & Florida and attend our adorable little nephew, Anders', baptism. Anders looked extremely handsome in his very own Norweigan 'bunad.' After the baptism Roy & Renee threw a bash at their place with lots of friends & family.

Tricia, Baby Hunter & Lisa chillin' at the Baptism Party

We are looking forward to traveling a bit in the months to come. Ben recently returned from a jewelry buying trip to Las Vegas. Ben says nothing wild went on but this is difficult to judge since Ben and his dad can get pretty rowdy sometimes. Later in the summer we will hopefully be taking a camping trip or two and then in August we will be heading down to San Diego for beach time with Sarah's family.

In closing, we would like to congratulate Sarah's parents, Ken & Teri on reaching their 30th wedding anniversary on June 11th. Way to go mom & dad!


elisa deanne said...

Ben you perv, keep your eyes on your wifey only! Great seeing you two pals on the weekend, thanks for the very gross chocolate tequila!