Friday, September 7, 2007

August has come and gone..

Bev and JanEgil took us to the butchart gardens for fireworks on a Saturday in August. This was a fun way to send off Heidi. She is now in Hawaii doing her Masters.

I guess the other pictures of fun summer activities are at home on the computer there. We were in San Diego and have been on the boat, gone camping with friends and there might even be on of Sarah's new skin disease. Lot's of things to post. So get to it Sarah!


elisa deanne said...

Let's see more of your pictures, even the skin disease thing!

Tiff said...

please a new blog....please.

Ya its the ministry that mom and dad do a lot with. Its also the one that has offered me and Robert a job two times.

Tricia said...

September has come and gone too