Sunday, January 27, 2008


I decided to document my weekly growth spurts. It amazes me that I will continue to grow larger until May!

4 weeks front

4 weeks side

12 weeks side

18 weeks side

20 weeks side

25 weeks side

25 weeks front- definitely a little rounder than when I first started!


Lizzy said...

haha this is a funny post. i didn't know you were taking pictures. mom and tiff and i went out today to look for baby shower invitations and we decided not to do a secret garden theme and instead we are doing a more fun all about you shower, i think you will like it.

the OAK tree said...

Wow Sarah you look great! Hope you are having fun with the belly!!!

Marina Baerg said...

So beautiful! Love the baby belly! I hope you're enjoying your pregnancy, Sarah. May is just around the corner; we can't wait to see pictures of your little one when she's born (and hopefully meet her in person next time you visit).

Rachel H. said...

Ok - HOT DOG you are in good shape!

McAlisters said...

YOU LOOK FABULOUS......They usually say that baby girls steal the good looks from their mothers but this baby is sharing the good looks!!!
Can't wait to meet Lily....Take Care,