Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Conspiracy to Keep North America Fat

This post is a little off topic for our blog which usually focuses on our bouncing baby but I feel this must be shared.

We all know that McDonalds' food is notoriously unhealthy and could likely kill us if we ate at the fastfood chain every day. In his documentary Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock decided to test this notion and ate McD's every meal for a month. At the end of his experiment Spurlock gained 24.5 lbs. and experienced liver damage. It seems like common sense not to eat excessive amounts McDonalds but have you considered what you are doing to your body by imbibing a daily or even weekly Starbucks coffee?

In the past few weeks Ben and I have frequented our local Starbucks while taking Baby on a walk. Recently there we ordered a Grande Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. Seems harmless enough on a blustery Fall day. Think again. The hot chocolate was delicious but upon further investigation I found that it costs the drinker a whopping 550 Calories and 24 Grams of fat. For a hot chocolate!! The caloric and fat intake is equivalent to a Big Mac (540 cal and 29 grams of fat). We basically drank a Big Mac.

There are Starbucks on corners of every major city in North America. I have suspicions that the Starbucks chain is owned by pharmaceutical companies. They are just passing the time until we become dependent on their high fat drinks and in turn need their drugs to lower our high blood pressure and keep our livers from becoming toxic. So before you grab a Grande Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate you might want to ask yourself if you would rather bite into a Big Mac because essentially it will do the same thing to your body.


Travel Girl said...

That's so gross! I knew it was bad but THAT bad? Yikes! Non-fat lattes for me from now on - not very exciting but it's yummy and at least it's not a liquid Big Mac (I hope!)

Michelle said...

550 CALORIES??? I only ever drink tea from Starbucks, and after hearing that I think I'll stick to it!