Monday, November 3, 2008

Costume Time

The Kids Dressed Up
Lily celebrated her first Halloween ( or as I prefer to call it the Candy Harvest).

Lily the Lamb.
Lily Lamb and her Cousin Astronaut Anders.

Lily and her friend Danica the Pumpkin.

The Adults decked out 1950's style
Extended family and friends gathered at the Gulbrandsen homestead to celebrate Art's 50th and Brenda's 60th birthdays. The evening was a 1950's themed shin-dig complete with hamburgers and banana splits.

Please note Ben's sweet jeans. He borrowed my pregnancy jeans especially for the evening!

Nerds for the Night- Tony and Michelle.

Renee is barefoot and pregnant and Tricia is looking swell in 1950's attire.

The Men. Very tough. Almost GQ.