Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Tea Party

The things you learn when you have a kid! All of a sudden we are learning about random events, parades and fairs that we had never been privy to prior to Lily. This past Saturday we checked out the Oak Bay Tea Party with our friends the Driebergens. This miniature fair is an excuse for the upscale seaside community of Oak Bay to party on down in their designer duds. Well, I guess not exactly designer since we definitely saw a few Star Wars characters (complete with light sabers), a very creepy Easter Bunny, a few colonial style costumes and the crustiest Shriner's clowns ever. I am not sure how the Shriner's, with their funky little fez hats, decided that 65- year- old men should start dressing up like clowns. Does anyone really want to see an old man dressed up in makeup and unusually large shoes (makes them sound like trannies doesn't it?). This is the stuff that the nightmares of small children are made of. Anyways, we forgot our costumes at home and instead checked out the parade, ate mini-donuts and did some people watching. Lily was mildly entertained.

Fam Pic. You can see some of the Star Wars aficionados if you look very carefully in the background.

Lily playing a carnival game.

She's the Big Winner of her very own blue cheetah

Colby playing it cool on the mini- train.

The Driebergens an attractive bunch.