Monday, January 18, 2010

Breakfast with Lil

Lily has gotten into the habit of opening the fridge and grabbing apples whenever she is so inclined (we place them in the bottom drawer for her purposes). After a night of entertaining, our fridge was full of leftovers and and lacking her favorite healthy fruit. While lazily laying in bed this morning, we heard Lil yelling 'Yuck' at the top of her lungs.

We were out of apples.

Turns out 'Yuck, Yuck'  was really 'Kak, kak,' which in Lil language means cake, cookies or muffins.

Enjoying some Boston Cream cake for breakfast

 Lily feels deep remorse for her transgression.

The question is, did she do this, or did we? Did the lack of apples force her to fend for herself, or would she have gone for the cake no matter what?


Anonymous said...

Wow that is funny and sooo cute! She is looking for grown up...even with cake on her face! Hope all is well, Karma

Tiff said...

HAHAHA! Definitely looks like your lack of fresh fruit drove Lil to drastic measures of survival!

Anonymous said...

How funny! Lily's sweet tooth must be growing in. Bye bye apples ;)

Rachel H. said...

Hey Sarah! Just did some catching up on your American life. Great news about Ben's job! Horrible about the snorer though *yuck*

And yes, I'm sure it is a guy too ;)