Monday, February 22, 2010

Wild at Heart

This month was paved with good intentions. One such intention was sending out Lil's yearly Valentine to everyone that she loves. Valentines Day has come and gone and you probably noticed that you did not receive any love notes or photos from a wily little toddler. This is why....

This kid never stops moving! I tried to have a pre-Valentine's photo shoot at a local shopping center and the results were less than pleasing. Asking a 21-month-old to sit still, pose and say 'cheese' for the camera is likened to pulling your own teeth. Not something I recommend. So I just nixed the whole Valentine's thing altogether. If you are one of Lil's loves that missed out on your Valentine, I will make sure that she gives you a big slobbery kiss to express her undying affection.

 Oh, and in case you were wondering about the gorgeous backdrop from Lil's Valentine's photo shoot, this is in my front yard (well at least a block away). Not too shabby.