Sunday, April 18, 2010


Before we attempt Disneyland with our almost 2-year-old we decided to test-drive the whole amusement park thing on a small scale at Gilroy Gardens. Lily and her cousin Sienna drove mini-cars, floated on giant ducks and rode on an artichoke (it was Gilroy after all).Little miss daredevil was in heaven dashing from ride to ride and ingesting mini corn-dogs (don't judge me for feeding my kid corndogs these things spontaneously happen at amusement parks). I just want to know how the heck I grew up in the Bay Area and never even heard of Gilroy Gardens. This place rocks for small children! There is even a modest roller-coaster for the thrill-seeker parents tagging along.

I have to admit that I am tempted to make a quick trip down to Disneyland now... maybe more for me than for Lil.


Daniel and Cerissa said...

She is SO cute! And isn't Ben just adorable in that life vest ;)

Ralph said...

That looks like fun! You're definitely ready for Disneyland!!

The G Fam said...

Thanks Cerissa! I cracked up while I was watching Ben and Lil float by on the giant ducky.

Ralph, maybe a little Disney is in your future too when you guys come down this summer?

Kim Oates said...

Oh, it is soo fun going to Disneyland with kids!