Sunday, May 16, 2010


My grandfather just asked me if we have been ill since this little blog has been so severely neglected during this fine month of May. Nope. Not ill. Just lazy .

Something huge has happened in our houshold! We are now the proud owners of a two year old. Lil celebrated her second birthday on May 6th and has been acting like it is still her birthday everyday since then. It is hard to explain to a toddler that birthdays only happen one day out of the year- especially when she is still rolling around in her deflated birthday balloons yelling 'birthday' at the top of her lungs. Here are a couple of pics from the big day and the subsquent kids party that took place a couple of days later.

Big Girl on her new Tricycle from the Canadian Grandparents a few days before the big day !

A Birthday morning with Great Grandma Cookie and Auntie Lori.

Bliss is Birthday Balloons.

This is Lil's 'Smile' face that she makes in every picture now.

Don't play coy with me. Let's eat this cake!

Birthday Cake #2.

Loving Cousin Sienna. She talks about her constantly.

Mr. Cole Chowing down on a cupcake.Yum.

Every two year old needs her own set of motorized wheels. Lil rules the complex on her 3 Wheeler from her California grandparents.