Thursday, December 16, 2010

December Update

I have been devoting my creative energy to my new blog  lately and neglecting this little space of the Internet. So here I am flaunting pictures of Lil and her Chripsmas (that's how we say Christmas in 2-year-old) fun!

So excited to put up the tree!

With Daddy at the Danville Tree Lighting.

 She just found out that Santa was going to be there.
 She received a couple of presents early because our family is celebrating Christmas in Canada this year.

The other night while doing some 'Chripsmas' errands, I asked Lily what she wanted for Christmas. This is how the conversation went.

Lily: "A Chripsmas Carpet."
Mom: "A Christmas Carpet? You just got a new pink carpet in your room."
Lily: " A Blue One. A Blue Chripsmas Carpet."
Mom: " Are you sure?"
Lily: " Yeah, uh-huh. Yes."

So my kid wants a Christmas Carpet. Not sure what to do with this information. Thankfully her long-term memory does not extend more than a couple of days, because I am not too sure that a Blue Chripsmas carpet would integrate well into the rest of our decor.


The Franzs' said...

So cute! I can NOT BELIEVE how much she is your little mini-me!! Did any of your husband's genes get through? Sadie got ALL Danny's genes.. lol. Haha, which is just awesome, because people tell me(first) "she is so adorable!" and then (second), "she looks nothing like you!" ;)