Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yearly Update

Oh, hi. I bet you thought I was over this whole 'blog' thing, right? I mean it has been 8 months since my last post. I am hard to get rid of, so for now an occasional update will have to suffice.

To recap what has happened in the last 8 months, well it's been busy and honestly things are looking up compared to this time last year.

We moved (yes, again) but this time we purchased our first California home and we absolutely love it. I love every part of this place- from its 1970's ornamental white rocks in the front yard, its crazy gophers in the back and the butterfly tiles in my master bath.

The Lil is in pre-school and talks our ear off. Her hobbies include watching the same movie 72 times, only wearing princess dresses & uggs and smooshing play-do into the carpet (Seriously who the heck ever thought that creating colorful goop for kids to put their crusty little fingers in was a good idea? What kind of crazy parent buys that stuff for their kid!).

Ben is now officially halfway done with law school. Can I get a fist pump for that one?! Just a few more semesters and one huge ass test left on the path to being a certified lawyer.

Then there is me. Let's be honest, shall we? This time last year I was struggling with my foray back into the world of working professionals. Have you ever watched the movie, The Devil Wears Prada or better yet the September Edition? I started watching these movies and quickly realized I was no longer entertained because I lived that life every single day. Needless to say, craigslist and linkedin became my not-so-covert buddies as I desperately combed the employment opportunities on a regular basis. After a few months of searching I landed the dream job for an unnamed, major, retailer with HQ in San Francisco (don't really want to publicly write out the company name because they have a whole department dedicated just to monitoring blogs written by employees to make sure that we are not revealing any top secrets). My new job is challenging, the people I work with are super smart and best of all I am full-time employed without a regular work schedule. I show up at 10am and leave at 1pm. Or some days I just work the whole day in my bed in my jammies. I am incredibly blessed.

2012 is still up in the air without any major plans. But we are going to be celebrating a few milestones including our 10th Wedding Anniversary (what?! I must have gotten married at 15, right?!), living in the same house for more than a year and purchasing a whack of cute clothes for the entire fam (due to the new job). I will repeat myself again just for good measure. We are incredibly blessed.

Family shot from the Happiest Place on Earth back in October.


Kirsten B. said...

It's so great to get an update from your family! I'm glad you are all doing well!!

Emily said...

I loved the update! I'm so happy you're all doing so well. :)

Family of Five said...

Yay! You're back.... I've missed you!!