Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let it Snow!

It snows in Victoria three times a year (if we are lucky) and 2008 was snow free until yesterday evening. We received nearly a half foot of fresh powder overnight on our balmy, northwestern island. The entire Greater Victoria area shuts down the minute a few flakes hit the ground . Yesterday Victorians ran to the grocery stores to stock up on food so that they could hunker down for the weekend. The city has one, maybe two, snow plows for the whole area. So if you don't have a four-wheel drive vehicle you will be stuck walking or hanging out at home in your jammies for the day.

Ben gets excited when it snows and wants to run outside the minute he wakes up. So this morning we decided to bundle up baby and head across the street for breakfast. Poor little Lily did not know what hit her when we walked outside with snow flurries whipping around us. She just took everything in from the coziness of her bear snowsuit.

It is supposed to reach lows this week of -7 c. that is 19 degrees for our American readers. As I write, I can hear the wind howling against our house, swirling giant snow drifts past my window. It's during moments such as these that I am still shocked that I live in Canada. You would think that after living nearly 10 years in the land of the Canucks that the shock would wear off.

Check out the pics below for baby's first snow.

Ben and Lil in our snowy backyard.

This is the view from the shopping center across the street. Take note that I am standing in the middle of the parking lot that is still covered by a couple inches of snow. You can see our snow covered house directly behind me.

It was way too cold to stay outside for long so we went over to the Gulbrandsen Grandparents and Lily played with cousin Anders.


Daniel and Cerissa said...

We finally got snow here in Eastern Washington too! It is sooo cold out. It has been in the single digits for the past couple days and I don't even want to think about the wind chill. I am just thankful we have a nice, warm house! Thankfully we are used to it and the snow plows are out in full force (with de-icer). Much better than Seattle!
Glad you guys had fun!