Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lily's Parents Have Fun Too

So it seems that I have a bit of insomnia tonight- yep the clock says 3:44am. We went to a fantastic party tonight and I suppose that my mind is still racing from the fun. I generally try to calm down before bed- watch tv, read a book. In the past checking my work email and even facebook were big no-no's because my mind would race for hours. So, it is only hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies on the couch for me tomorrow night!

Even though I am on maternity leave for a year, my employer invited us to the company Christmas Party. Kudos to my replacement- the party was super elegant yet fun at the Laurel Point Inn. It was delightful to kick back at a party that I did not have to plan!

Trying to look festive by the tree. Reminiscent of prom shots?

This is what Lily was doing today while her mom got ready to have fun. She is a big help in the kitchen. Please note the slightly orange tinge to her face which is leftover from the yams she ate for lunch. She is a crust but I love her!


Daniel and Cerissa said...

Sarah - you look beautiful, as usual!
Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!!!