Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Extended Easter

Have you ever heard of Easter Monday? Neither had I until I moved to BC. For some reason Ben was granted a 4 day Easter weekend which also included Easter Monday off. I did a little wikipedia research and learned that Easter Monday is primarily a Roman Catholic day celebrated in Eastern Europe. In Poland they call this day Dyngus Day. Ha! I like that name better. So Ben and I celebrated Dyngus by cleaning our house, doing crafts (me), playing XBOX (him), and pulling things out of cabinets (Lily).

We had a wonderful Easter Weekend hanging out with friends, family and each other. Here are a couple of pics from the past weekend.

Good Friday Brunch with our lovely friends the Carrs.

Lots of walks over the long weekend.

Daddy & Lil at Easter Dinner

4 Generations at Easter.

Lil playing the newly painted piano. She plays us a tune every day.


Tricia said...

I LOVE your lime green piano!