Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Terrible Not Quite 1's?

I know that in my last post I lamented the travel antics our 11 month, but I am going to vent a bit more. This entire week has been an adventure in parenting that has caused me to laugh, cry, gasp in shock and reconsider the idea of ever having another child.

One morning Lily decided to try to drink from a tiny tin of ant poison that had been left in my bedroom while we were down in California. After a bit of hysterics (on my part), I called the poison control hotline and was informed that the most she would suffer was an upset stomach. Phew....

Another recent afternoon, Lily decided that it was time to visit our 'beloved' cat Bella on her favorite chair in the dining room. I walked into the room just as my baby wedged herself under the dining room table, her chubby cheeks a three inch proximity from the threatened feline. Lily wanted to pet and hug Bella, Bella had something more bloody in mind for Lily. My child decided to return to this exact same spot every 20 minutes for the remainder of the day.

Blood. That segues into my next account. While I was on the phone yesterday, Lily decided to play with her special tea set. The little set is complete with tea cups, a pot, a picnic blanket and utensils. Rather than sipping from her tiny teacup Lily thought that it would be more enjoyable to bash the cups together. Apparently these cups are easily broken. Hence the shattered glass and tiny cuts on her body.

Up to this point I have been resistant to gate in our playroom (didn't want for her to feel imprisoned or abandoned). This past week has me reconsidering the value of imprisonment for the sake self-preservation. Bring on the gates!


Daniel and Cerissa said...

Ah yes, the joys of Poison Control.... I have a friend that swears by the play pen. She had her daughters play in it periodically everyday so that they would get used to playing alone in a safe place.
I think we are up to 4 phone calls to Poison Control (do they keep track??? Let's hope not!).

I like your air travel post too. I've never flown with the boys, but if I have too, I know who to call!