Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Fest

Our lives are currently a whirlwind of boxes,packing tape and bubble wrap. But in between the moving prep we still managed to squeezed in a couple of hours at the Fall Fest here in Victoria. Even though we have lived in this city for 4.5 years we had never actually experienced Fall Fest.We quickly figured out why as soon as we were brought up to the event site on a wagon pulled by a decrepit John Deere tractor. Small children everywhere! Toddlers grooving to the tunes on a live stage. Older children hunting for candy in bales of straw. All children completely creeped out by a clown with a hot-pink wig (oh wait, I guess that was me).

Some kids sit pretty and pose for the camera at the decorative pumpkin patch. Our child thought that she was in heaven chucking around disfigured orange balls.

Quick family shot- no smiles from the small one.

Dancing to the live tunes with cousin Judah.

Corn. The most perfect food (according to Lil).


Family of Five said...

Lily is super stylish with her khaki coat and jeans! so cute!