Friday, October 2, 2009

Movie Madness: The Weekend Edition

We have been watching an unhealthy amount of movies/TV on DVD for the last month or so. Blame it on the whole impending move/immigration process, coupled with the fact that we are self-made prisoners in our own home once the wild child retires for the night. Not to mention the weather just recently turned crummy. Now that I have spouted off all of the excuses I could think of as to why we watch too much TV, I will now share about a few flicks that recently caught our eye.

Curb Your Enthusiasm- After a recent foray into the local DVD shop, we came upon several seasons of the HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm. I was always mildly intrigued by the looks of this show, but usually opted for something a bit more au courant. In a moment of desperate boredom we decided to rent the first season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Can I just say, GOOD decision on our part. This show is hilarious! Curb Your Enthusiasm is based around the antics of Larry David, real-life creator of Seinfeld. The humor is similar that that of Seinfeld but with a more risque form of dialogue (it is on HBO after all). The sets of thirty minute shows click along at a frantic pace and leave the viewer howling with laughter. I can't wait to glue myself to the couch and watch all 8 seasons!
Grade: A-

District 9- Occasionally once the child is in bed we will sneak out for a late night taste of true cinema. Don't worry we lock all our doors and leave her with a cell phone in case of emergency. J/K... or am I? Anyways, I had been itching to check out District 9, the hottest sci-fi movie to hit the theaters in a while. District 9 takes place in the city of Johannesburg where the people of South Africa have decided to quarantine a population of unwanted alien visitors to a militarized refugee camp. The aliens (also known as 'Prawns') are treated like herded animals and must learn to survive in squalor and corruption. It is no coincidence that this 'alien movie' takes place in South Africa, the entire movie is a metaphor for the apartheid that has haunted this region over the last several decades. I can say that this is one of the first movies that has left me rooting for the aliens and shuddering in disgust from the human race. If you can stomach some stylized violence I highly recommend checking it out District 9.
Grade: A

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past- What can I say about Ghosts of Girlfriends Past? Save your money and keep the two hours of your life for better use. This mundane, over-sexualized, pseudo-comedy, featuring the sometimes attractive but generally irritating Matthew McConaughey (I mean honestly when is the last time you saw him in anything decent?) was a huge flop. The story-line is supposed to mimic that of Dickens' A Christmas Carol with McConaughey in the role of a modern-day Scrooge. To be honest, the story-line is not that bad, the irritating characters are what make this movie suck. If you are in the mood for something fun and light I would suggest looking elsewhere.
Grade: D

Camille: Be warned this is a weird one. Disguised with the cover of a typical chick flick, this film is anything but typical. Just keep in mind that sometimes weird can be a good thing.Starring Sienna Miller and James Dean look-alike James Franco, Camille is a twisted honeymoon tale of a couple traveling to Niagra Falls. The plot has a few unexpected twists that have a tendency to leave the viewer going, 'huh?' but has an overall whimsical feel. If you are into blue horses, neon-red wigs and the occasional dose of romance I would suggest giving Camille a chance.
Grade: B