Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Waiting Game

This is a typical daily scenario:

Check the clock in our kitchen constantly until 11AM. Grab the nearest available footwear. Proceed cautiously with toddler in tow down the driveway. Heart starts fluttering and stomach starts flipping as we open the mailbox. Peak in box for large white envelope among the advertisements for gutter cleaning and million dollar home lotteries. Realize that the mailman has delivered only bills, junk and an unknowing dose of heartache.... still no letter for our Immigration Interview Date!!!

We are going to be homeless in a matter of 3 weeks and we still do not know when Ben is going to be finished with all of this US immigration hoopla. Our lives and plans are in limbo until we receive a letter stating the date of the Greencard interview. We are a little bit discouraged to say the least...

If you are so inclined, we would appreciate any prayer coming our way for this situation.