Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sorting and Selling

We have been busy prepping for the upcoming 'international' move. We are planning on leaving around Nov. 1st, but figured that it was better to have a garage sale and rid ourselves of unused treasures ahead of time.

Since our sale, people have been inquiring 'how did it go?' and my answer is 'OK.' We encountered a bit of a garage sale phenomenon- people purchased most of the items that barely escaped the garbage bin (i.e. junk) and left the relatively decent items untouched. Another rather sketchy incident also happened at the sale. We had two 65+ ladies literally shouting at each other over a mirror. Things even escalated to the point where the mirror was being yanked between the two of them. Unsure of what to do, we stepped into the background and let them have it out. The bizarre thing is that in the end neither of them even bought the stinkin thing! I guess they caught a case of 'want what they can't have' syndrome.

Packing away one of our treasures.

Lil thought she was in heaven while Mom and Dad 'played' with loads of old toys.

Baby for sale. A good price for you my friend...

Most of the items you see above are still kicking around our house. Let me know if you need a 'piano bar' or Christmas items.


Leslie Bettino said...

sarah, you crack me up! love that you guys are moving!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) we'll get our kiddies together soon!

Tiff said...

I was telling mom that i wish you were having a garage sale over here...i would take tons of your stuff!....well, whatever furniture you didnt want at least. You should have a second garage sale to get rid of the rest before weather gets bad.

The G Fam said...

Leslie- Can't wait for baby Jack and Lil to have some playtime in the future!

Tiff- No more garage sales in the immediate future. I have about 20 ads up on usedvictoria right now which is a mini and local version of craigslist. I can make about 25-50% more on each item I sell online compared to a garage sale. The garage sale people are just out to get things for the cheapest possible. I honestly don't think you would want our stuff... you need half an artifical christmas tree and a 30 year old office chair?

Lizzy said...

haha this is so funny! if your piano actually worked i would take it!
I'm excited for you guys to move down here :-D