Monday, September 21, 2009

Stupendous September

September has been a bit of a blur for us! I have good news my friends- the house is officially rented. This is for real! The paperwork has been signed and the deposit is in-hand. We will find out later this week if we have to move out on October 1st or November 1st- either way things are accelerating nicely. I always fancied myself a pseudo-realtor type before this whole rental debacle. But after the last few weeks I now have a better respect for realtors and anyone in property management- there are some real psychos out there and people can act like slippery little eels when it comes to negotiations. I am going to stick to my day job.

I just had the chance to download 250 pics of the lovely Lil and all of her activities from the past couple of weekends. I feel that many of these pics capture the current essence of Lil. This kid is always moving, yelling (sometimes crying) and bossing us around.

Playgrounds are a great outlet for the lil climber.

Bocce and Bikinis with our friends the Brachats and the Carrs.

Two glamorous ladies enjoying the September sunshine.

Playing with cousin Mattias- he is a cute one.

COWS! Lil's favorite animal ever.

Bursts of wind (or is that just energy?).

Dads, the best form of private transportation.

BFF Danica in the kiddie train at the fair.

This expression encapsulates the 'mood' of the last few weeks.

Trying out a new set of wheels.

OK, definitely had enough.


Tiff said...

LOVE IT! Im so into the pink velour jump suit! Im looking for a navy blue one for Forest!

The G Fam said...

Check at Old Navy- I knew you would be into the velours.