Friday, September 11, 2009

Let the Good Times Roll

I am pleased to announce that our house is officially (drum-roll please) RENTED!! Hooray! A super nice family with 3 kids will be moving into our home on October 1st. They are the exact type of tenants we were praying for :) We are now one step closer to making the big move.

In the meantime the following needs to happen-
- Move out of our house to the in-law's guest cottage for a month.
- Get Ben's immigration paperwork in the mail.
- Ben needs to fly to Montreal for his US immigration interview.
- Find a place to live in California.
- Move down to the new place.
- Find a job!
WOW, the next few months are going to be a very interesting time in our life.

On another note, Ben's sister Heidi recently finished her schooling in Hawaii and has been visiting Victoria with her boyfriend Ralph. Lil had a chance to hang out with Auntie Heidi and Ralph for a couple of hours over at Beacon Hill Park.

Lil loved petting all of the animals. She could be heard squealing in delight for the entire 30 minutes we visited the petting zoo.

The ubiquitous 'family shot.'

Hanging with Auntie and Ralph.

'No, we do not give our daughter sugary, strawberry milkshakes for lunch!' Shoot, I guess there is incriminating digital evidence.

Happy Weekend!