Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Woes of Renting

This moving business sucks.

This past weekend we decided to post our house up for rent and pray for the best. We were thrilled when we had response to our ads within a couple of hours! Wow, will it be this easy? Um, apparently not. We had 3 showings yesterday and I felt like a bonafide realtor.We took all the necessary steps to make the place presentable- we de-cluttered, put on soothing spa-like music, lit a scented candle and sent the maniac toddler to play at Grandma and Far-Far's. Everyone claimed the home was 'beautiful' but nobody was ready to commit.

What gives?! In part I think people in Victoria are looking for a killer deal. Do you know that someone actually had the nerve to ask us to lower our rental price by $500 a month? When I didn't budge they wanted to know if the place could come with the furniture. At this point I told them to get lost... Rent in Victoria is bizarre. Considering the cost of real estate is pricey (even comparable to much of the Bay Area now) rent is still pretty low. I think the only landlords making a profit (or even covering their mortgage) on this island are ones that purchased their property 20 years ago. OK, I am done with my rant now...

Please pray that our home will rent quickly to awesome tenants. It would be a huge load off our shoulders to have our housing situation wrapped up...