Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Lil Recap

I have not been a conscientious blogger this summer. I treat this little blog like Lil's online baby book (because I cannot get myself organized enough to make an actual baby book), and I have neglected to share a few milestones.

1. Tantrums. Oh Yes, tantrums in the 'twos' are so cliche. What can I say? The kid is dramatic. All 32lbs of her will go limp as she throws herself to the stone, cold ground. She will do this maneuver anywhere she does not wish to leave. So this happens at the park, at stores, even in the middle of the street next to our house. People say to just ignore kids when they have tantrums, but I feel like walking away will give her what she wants- to stay where she is at. I usually end up hoisting her writhing little body over my shoulder and pretend not to notice as she hollers at the top of her lungs. I have had old ladies make comments like, 'oh, looks like somebody is tired!' while Lil is screaming bloody murder. Nope, she's not tired. She is two.

2. Words. Lil talks a lot- just not always in clear English. She has her own dialect that I need to decipher for the untrained ear.' Diggle-diggle' means she wants to color. This bizarre little 'gunk-gunk' noise that she makes in the back of her throat means that she is thirsty. But there are real words and phrases too. ' I did it!' being a popular one. ' I here!' is another one that she proclaims whenever we visit a new location. This one was screamed multiple times while on a crowded airplane. Everyone knew she was 'here.'

3. Back to Basics. I really thought we had the whole potty training thing nailed a couple of weeks ago, but apparently my child has lost interest in the whole process. She knows how to go on the toilet, but sometimes Lil would rather be lazy and relieve herself somewhere more convenient such as my bed, the couch or the kitchen. You really want to visit my house now, right?

  Lil & Cousin Anders. More Canada pictures to come soon.