Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It's coming. We asked for it and it's coming. I would like to say that our lives are neat and tidy like a little gift all wrapped up in a bright red bow, but for now chaos is going to be the new status quo.

Starting tomorrow, Ben begins his first foray into the world of  full-time work and part-time law school. Which means that I will be a single mom three days a week, a part-time work from home consultant and on a continual search for full-time work in a wrecked economy. Lil will still be her normal, dramatic two-year old self, begging for salty chips and another episode of Go, Diego Go. Our desire is to have this situation be our reality for a limited time. But I suppose that these sort of things are not always up to us.

Pray for rest & a clear mind for Ben. Pray for wisdom, creativity and sanity for me. Pray that Lil will never have the desire to poo on our couch ever again.


Family of Five said...

The Gulbrandsen family will be in our thought and prayers. Lily pooped on the couch?!

The G Fam said...

Haha. Yep.She was doing so good with her potty training, but sometimes she gets lazy if there is something good on TV.

Baerg Family said...

Wow! Lots of transition lately, hey? Know the feeling... It seems like transition is all we've known these past few years. We'll be praying for you guys; it's not easy to be the only parent on a regular basis, and it sounds like Ben is taking on a ton as well. We'll pray you both have the strength, perseverance and enough down time as a family to still enjoy this period in your lives. How exciting to see what will come out of all this!

Tiff said...

All you can do is just go with the transition. Just go for it. Mine is almost over...i think! And welcome to pseudo-single mom days. Thats the part ill be most happy to have end some day!