Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Deep Breath

Almost down the home stretch. After 2 weeks of pure chaos, I am on the precipice of a much anticipated 4 day weekend. Weekend. It could be just about the sweetest word ever whispered upon the lips of a weary worker.

You know what? God is good. He is faithful to me. He has totally provided for our family. The transition from working at home into a typical workplace has been relatively painless. I am not quietly sobbing tears at my desk. I am not muttering curses under my breath (well usually not!). For the most part working in a team is very natural for me. My new company stretches my creativity and challenges me in ways that I could only dream possible.

Three cheers for the weekend! It's finally time to eat some Turkey, unpack more boxes and cuddle my kid!


Lizzy said...

yay! i'm excited to eat turkey with you! and i made a special pie!