Friday, November 5, 2010

One Week!

We got it! We got the house that we were hoping for in the town of Lafayette. It's quirky but it's cool.
The house was built in the 1940's, so it has a lot of the original features-but it also has an awesome remodeled kitchen. The best part about the place is it's walking distance to everything-including public transportation that will take me to work.

Because we live by the seat of our pants, we decided that we're moving in one week. So I guess that means packing this weekend! Life moves vey quickly.


Family of Five said...

Yeah!! Congrats- Lafayette is a great little town.
I guess this means no Disneyland this weekend?! Lafayette has a lot of great stuff for kids- let me know if you need any tips :) Can't wait to see pics of the cute house!
Sherman wanted me to let you know about carpool in Lafayette to SF- he used it all the time and loved it. I don't know anything about it but if you're interested I can give you his email and he can tell you more.

The G Fam said...

Thanks Catherine! A guy was telling me about the Lafayette carpool deal the other day. The whole concept is bizarre to me but I definitely want to give it a shot :)

Tiff said...

Girl, why carpool when youve got a paid for BART ticket?

Rachel H. said...

ONE WEEK ?????
Wow. Happy packing and congrats on the new place.
(ps - those question marks were not meant to incite fear, more to just show my awe and amazement at your packing abilities ;)