Friday, January 23, 2009

Cabo Confession

My name is Sarah and I am a travel research addict. My favorite thing in the world is to dream up a new place to visit and to scour the Internet for the cheapest possible way to make that destination a reality. I can spend hours happily searching. I kid you not- I can spend days checking and cross-referencing sites.

So when Ben and I decided to take a little trip this spring I jumped with glee. I started searching to my little hearts delight. We wanted somewhere warm, on the beach, with great food, not too far from San Francisco. So after hours of searching it is now official... we are going to Cabo San Lucas in March sans the little bundle of Joy. That's right 5 whole days and 4 glorious nights without the babe! I wish my parent's the best of luck because we will be nowhere in sight.

Now comes the second part of my confession... I have an ulterior motive for going to Cabo. Yes, the destination meets all of our criteria but the real kicker is that there is another draw to this Mexican paradise. Celebrities. Apparently they are everywhere. In the last couple of weeks Leonardo DiCaprio and his supermodel girlfriend were spotted cavorting around this celebrity haven. This area is also a favorite of Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears. Not to mention pseudo-celebrities, Heidi and Spencer, from The Hills allegedly eloped in Cabo. We are obviously not going to be staying in the $1,000 + a night resorts that hide away their famous clientele. But those resorts are literally a walk down the beach from where we are staying. Needless to say, I will be packing my running shoes and doing a little investigating of my own. So Leo, if you are in town again from March 8-12 give us a ring, we hear the margaritas are fantastic that time of year.


Unknown said...

Hey Sarah,

Cliff LOVES Cabo. That was his favorite place to go pre me. He visited every year and loves it. Although he said it is a little more touristy than other Mexico locales but is beautiful and definitely worth the trip so enjoy especially without the babe. Hopefully, we'll do the same next year :)

The G Fam said...

Shannon I remember you saying that Cliff loves Cabo! I have not spoken to anyone else who has been there so I am excited to check it out for ourselves.

Rachel H. said...

Hey Sarah - we were there last year; took our kids on a cruise for a week and Cabo was the first stop.

Beautiful but sorry, we saw no celebrities. Did get a picture with an iguana mind you......