Friday, January 9, 2009

January Sucks

Did that title catch your attention? I apologize if I sound abrupt but January is hands-down my least favorite month of the year. Christmas is over, the parties have come to a halt, the weather is dark and damp and it all makes me feel a little down. I am usually a cup half full kind of gal, but January drains my cup altogether.

The one positive thing about this horrific month is that it makes me dream about the future. I love change and new adventures so during this dreary time I like to think ahead. Inevitably, it also leads me to thinking about my job. In the past, even if I am completely content in my career, for some reason January puts me on the hunt for something new. Nothing has ever come out of these musings because by February I feel like a new woman again.

I thought I would share with you some of the career paths I find intriguing in the month of January.
1. Dermatologist. I know this might sound odd but I am intrigued by skin. If I had any math skills at all I would have wanted to be a skin Dr.
2. Hair Stylist. I like the idea of talking to people all day and making them feel attractive. Again this is a complete 180 from what I do now!
3. News Anchor. This is not totally off the beaten path considering I have dabbled in television before. I am just not willing to make a start in little podunk towns for the sake of trying to make it big in my career. I want the big leagues or nothing.
4. Missionary. Ben and I have talked about this one in the past. Sell all of our earthly belongings and live somewhere that God calls us to minister. I know that you can be a missionary in your own town, but there is something more dramatic about selling all you own and trekking into jungles of South America to reach indigenous tribes.
5. Aerobics Instructor. I enjoy exercising and I would enjoy people paying me to exercise with them. This is one job that I might actually try to do in the future. Not exactly the same amount of schooling required as becoming a dermatologist.
6. Real Estate Agent. Now that the market is crashing this is probably not an ideal career path. But I love the game of real estate and would like to try it out one day.

For the next few months my current employer requires bottles, diaper changes and lots of hugs. So for her sake I am going to grin and bear it and pretend that it is July.


Daniel and Cerissa said...

Oh yes, I do remember our little California girl and the seasonal blues ;) I seem to recall some fake sunshine we used to hunt down even during our poor college student days--some things are just worth it (who needs food??).

The G Fam said...

Ah, so true. The seasonal blues still get me. It cracks me up that we both purchased the biggest tanning packages that place had. I was living on $200 a semester for spending money and I bought tanning minutes! But we always looked like we had returned from Hawaii rather than Canada!