Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cry Baby

For the most part Lily Joy lives up to her name. She is a good natured girl who is happy (if not a little wild). Lil has her whiny days but she generally does not cry. Of course there are a few exceptions...

Lily freaks out over the following-

1. When I yell at her beloved cat to stop scratching our stairs.
That cat is a whole other post.
2. When people who usually do not wear eye glasses put them on in front of her.
Go figure? Not sure what this one is all about.
3. When people sneeze. This is especially true when her Father sneezes and shakes the whole house. We had some significant tears over this one.
4. Ski Goggles. This is the BIG one. I thought it would be funny to put on my ski goggles and surprise her. Not such a great idea. We had hysterics in our house for a good 10 minutes over ski goggles.


Tricia said...

haha so funny, but then again she laughs when people cough. So there's the cure:)

The G Fam said...

I actually have tried coughing when she is in hysterics. Then we get a combination of tears and laughter.
Better then just screaming!