Friday, February 13, 2009

I am the WORST cat owner ever

My poor cat. I feel bad for her while at the same time loathing her presence in my household.

We adopted Bella 5 years ago and for the most part she has been my baby. Ben and I went for a walk past a pet store one evening and I insisted that we take this ball of apricot colored fluff home immediately. After that night Bella became a permanent fixture on the arm of our sofa.

Then the day came that we brought home the human baby from the hospital and Bella's world changed forever. I could not be bothered to give the cat attention or care. The fact that she would try and sit in my lap and make me pet her while I was trying to take care of a helpless 2 week old irritated me to no end. In a moment of insanity I even put up a classified ad on Used Victoria trying to pawn off my cat to a new owner. I had many responses but in the end I felt guilty and couldn't follow through with my devious plan. I mean technically Bella was not doing anything wrong except being a cat.

I figured that I would feel differently towards Bella once my baby was a bit older but I have become conflicted about this animal. Ironically enough, the baby is the only person in our household enamored by the cat.

So my dear readers I guess in my own way I am crying out for suggestions? Advice? Perhaps even an offer of adoption? A girl can dream.


LJ said...

I'm sorry I have no advice regarding your cat situation. If I only had one cat I'd take Bella. Alas. However you did remind me of the time I did take a cat from UsedVictoria. She was very sick and we had to put her down after 5 weeks. We're never getting another cat from UsedVictoria again. Good luck in finding a home for Bella. It's only fair that she has a home with the attention and love she's used too. Cats are funny that way.

The G Fam said...

That is really sad about the sick cat off of UsedVictoria! Someone didn't feel like paying the vet bill and thought it better to give the cat away? I am coming to terms with my own situation and Bella is still very much living here.