Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday (usually Monday) Movie Madness

Woops, I forgot to get to Movie Madness on Monday! I suppose Tuesday night is better than nothing.

As per my Oscar predictions I am sitting at 3 out of 5. I am at peace with these stats considering I only watched 1/4 of the films nominated this past year. Slumdog Millionare was this year's big winner and rightly so. Sean Penn was an obvious winner for his portrayal in Milk. I find it interesting that if an actor really desires to win an oscar all they need to do is to play a character that is either gay, persecuted, dying, handicap or have some type of inner turmoil. According to the Academy great actors don't do comedies.

Now onto the really important part of the awards... the dresses. This year was all about the glitz and glamour. A near depression-like economy did not stop these lovely starlets from adorning themselves with sequins, billowy ball gowns and decadent diamonds. These are my picks for the best dressed and also those who would have fared better to wear a paper bag:

Best Dressed:
Sarah Jessica Parker- She knocked them dead this year with a vavavoom ball gown encrusted with silver detailing. This dress made me ponder whether or not Sarah Jessica had visited the plastic surgeon in recent months (if you know what I mean).

Penelope Cruz- Penelope would be a stunner even if she wrapped herself in newspaper and a plastic bag, but she looked especially elegant in a demure vintage gown. I am still not convinced that she deserved the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress but I would love to borrow her dress for an upcoming party.

Worst Dressed:
Natalie Portman- Natalie Portman is one of the world's true natural beauties but even beautiful women can occasionally choose a horifficly ugly dress. She wore a purpley/pink chiffon number that screamed prom 1995. Come on Natalie, we know you can do better than that. But on second thought, Ben usually thinks you are pretty cute so maybe you should stick to purple/pink gowns...

Angelina Jolie- Ok, so maybe it was not the worst dress of the night, but does this woman own clothing in anything other than black? I am so bored by her right now. If she wears another long, clingy, black dress to an awards show I think that I am going to have to gauge my eyes out from the dullness that is Angelina's wardrobe.


Tricia said...

I agree with you about Angelina Jolie. She sticks to black and grey and it would be nice to see her in something else. Her hair seems to always be the same too. I disagree with you about SJP though. Her boobs were totally crunched and falling out the sides and the dress was too long. She was tripping over it when she came out to present. Another dress that I thought was horrible was Beyonce, black with gold leaf print, yuck. Even though we didn't see too much of her, I thought Nicole Kidman looked great and so did Jennifer Aniston.

-there's my two cents

The G Fam said...

I love to have the opinion of a seamstress! You would know better than any of us. Ok, I agree SJP's dress was a little much- I think I was just jealous that she has boobs like that at 43. Beyonce was pretty digusting too. Not totally in love with Kate Winslett's either- but it might have been her extreme hair.

LJ said...

I liked the dress Natalie Portman wore. It might have been better in a different colour, but I thought it looked fine on her. Sarah Jessica Parks rack on the other hand. Those CAN NOT be real!
All that said - I love the picture of the family at the top of your page. Wonderful!

Meg said...

Kate had sick hair! but side note I liked her speech...
I thought Angelina looked stunning with her black dress and green jewelry but agree that color would look fantastic too!
Beyonce = yuck!
And what was with Heidi Klum's Dress? I did not like it AT ALL.