Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Musings

How much is ambiance worth to you? Is it worth paying an extra $40 for the exact same meal? These were some of the questions I was faced with today while indulging in a typical Victoria afternoon of High Tea.

It is a well known fact that tourists flock to the Empress Hotel for its renowned High Tea. For those of you unfamiliar with this quasi-British concept, people stuff their face for about an hour with delicacies such as cucumber sandwiches, scones with cream and other various starchy/sugary items. This is all served on a 3 tiered platter and washed down with tea. While at the Empress Hotel, diners enjoy their tea and goodies while being serenaded by live music and looking out over the view of Victoria's inner harbor. The atmosphere is superb but with a price tag of $60 per person you would hope the tea was made with crushed gold flakes.

Fast forward to this afternoon. Rather than hobnobbing at the Empress I checked out the White Heather Tea room with a couple of local ladies. The place was a bit on the 'grandma' side of decor but the same sugary treats and tempting tea. Here is the kicker.. you can indulge for $17 per person.

I am an admittedly frugal person and I understand that there are times where Chez Whatever is more desirable than Red Robin, but comparable food for $40 more? I can't help but think of all of the clothes I can buy at Target or Ross with $40. Interesting how I always think of savings in terms of shoes and new clothing...


Kirsten B. said...

I agree! While The Empress is expensive because of the 'experieince', the White Heather Tea Room is the BEST tea for such an awesome price! We always take my grandma there when she's in town or often my mom and I will just choose to go for lunch for the "Not So Wee Tea" (or sometimes excellent soups and other specials). The owner is a lovely Scottish lady who has the best laugh, too!

The G Fam said...

Isn't it great Kirsten? The food is so incredibly good. We got the 'Not So Wee' as well.