Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Almost a Dual Citizen

Our bags were packed, the hotwire hotel booked and our appointment made at the US Embassy in Vancouver. Then things fell through... Gahhh. I have been sorting through mind blowing amounts of paperwork in an attempt to make Lily both a Canadian and a US citizen. I am American, Ben is Canadian (sort of), how hard can it be? Very hard!

Apparently you need to show the good people at the US consulate a Live Record of Birth. Umm.. so that is somehow different then a good old fashioned birth certificate? Yes, it seems that it is. Do the people at the consulate really have to look at my grades from high school to determine if I am American? Bizarre, but true.

So finding out that we were missing mandatory documents slightly delayed our plans. Lily was going to officially become a US citizen on her 1st Birthday, stay in a 5 star hotel and hang out in the big city. Oh boo. Staying at home and eating pizza will work too.


Tiff said...

How sad! She even looks pissed in the picture. hahaha. You guys should have stayed at the 5 star anyways just to celebrate her birthday and have a fun get away. Give Lil a squeeze for me