Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bonfire Baby

Don't worry we didn't toast our baby on the bonfire, just had a few marshmallows. Over the weekend we had the pleasure of indulging in some pyro fun with our friends the Lindoffs. Here are a couple of the pics from the night (early evening if you want to get technical, Lil has to be in bed by 8).

Daddy and Lil hanging out. Hmm.. Ben looks like he needs a marshmallow to make him feel more cheerful.

The lovely Lindoffs enjoying a dog.

Two Pyros at work.

Enjoying a snack. It is the only way she will stay in her stroller lately.

The flames. Enough said.

Bella after the Bonfire. I just had to include this shot because she is looking so enormous lately. This cat is crying out for help (and more food). Maybe you can be her lucky new owner?


Tiff said...

omg bella is gigantic! She is crying out for a treadmill i think! No wonder Lily is always after her! She looks so squeezable

Rachel H. said...

Your cat ..... ummmm......welll........YIKES!

Lizzy said...

oh wow bella is huge! what happened? haha

The G Fam said...

Just to be fair to Bella, that was a really unflattering photo angle. But she does have an enormous body compared to her pin head.