Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hit 'em While Their Down

For those of you who know our family well you are probably already aware that the past few weeks have been challenging (to put it mildly.) I don't like to use our blog as a public forum to bitch about our problems or to delve too deeply into our personal life. Needless to say, I feel like a poser to only write about fluff and put up pics of our cutie baby, when there has been a lot of stuff in the last month. So here it is.. this is my 'sometimes life circumstances suck' post.

A few weeks ago Ben returned home from work an hour early and announced that he had been 'laid off." I am not going to go into detail but I will say that we were shell-shocked and not pleased with the reasons and manner in which it happened. We found out the hard way that honesty and integrity are not always rewarded in the workplace.

At the moment we are trying to think of this situation in a positive light. We have been able to spend lots of time together as a family while Lily is still small. We have also had time for reflection about what we feel are the most important priorities for our family. Not to mention it does not hurt too bad that the weather is warming up and a summer hiatus does not have to be all negative. We trust that God has our future in His hands and we rest in that.

They say that when it rains it pours and that seems to be the case in our situation. Last week our cat(who is anti-baby) decided to take a swipe at Lily's face while she was watching Sesame Street. When we ran over to see what had happened our baby girl had a fairly decent scratch along her eyelid and just underneath her eye. If she hadn't shut her eye (out of instinct) we would have a one-eyed daughter right now. Poor thing would have had to go through life with me popping a glass eye ball in and out of her head! Our cat's days are numbered and I currently have an adoption ad for her on Used Victoria.

Ben decided that since Lily graced us with her bloody face last week he should surprise us with a bloody mess this week! This morning at 8AM our doorbell rang and to my 'delight' I found Ben laying in the back of his car with a giant bloody rag sopping up the blood oozing from the back of his head. Ben has a tendency to pass out easily especially after a difficult workout. While walking back to his car after a workout session he felt light-headed and woke up on his back in the gym parking lot. After being chewed out by the doctor for not eating before his workout Ben had the pleasure of receiving a stitch to the gash at the back of his head. Do you have any idea how much our heads bleed? A lot. Turns out Ben might have a mild concussion and is currently nursing the headache of the century at home. I am supposed to wake him and make sure he is coherent if he tries to nap more than an hour. Poor guy :(

So in a nutshell this is some of the stuff that has been happening lately. I promise that this will not be a common type of post (at least I hope not!) but I felt like some honest sharing was needed interspersed with our cutie baby pics.

Blessings to our readers!


Crystal said...

Hey...check your facebook inbox... :)

Marina Baerg said...

So sorry to hear that Ben was laid off unexpectedly. What a sequence of events in the last little while! You sound like you're holding it all together really well! We've learned in the last couple years (especially these last few months) how God has it all taken care of, and most often in ways we would never expect. We have been blown away by His timing and opportunities when we've felt like nothing good could come of our situation. It will be exciting to see where He takes you as a family in these next weeks/months. We'll be thinking and praying for you guys.

Daniel and Cerissa said...

Holy Cow, I can't believe Ben passed out in a parking lot! How did he get home?? So, I take it I should be eating before I go running in the morning too, huh?

I'm sorry you guys have to go through some crappy stuff. I will pray for your family - tonight.

Thank the Lord Lily still has her eye! I would hate to see you playing around with a glass eye too :)

P.S. thank you for your sewing encouragement... I really only "sew" easy projects... I've just been on a "I-want-cute-stuff-for-my-baby-but-I-can't-afford-boutiques-or-etsy" binge, so I make things work with my small amount of sewing skills :)

Rachel H. said...

Sarah - I'm so sorry for your recent string of events. Sometimes life does indeed suck. A lot. But as you already know, and have expressed, God knows what is best and it just means that something awesome is probably waiting down the line to replace this run of muckiness.

And poor BEN! What a bad wake-up call you got... eat Ben - EAT !!!!