Thursday, December 10, 2009

Building Traditions Part II: Advent

What's the best way to make a child even more excited about the Christmas Season? Give them cheap little toys on each day until Christmas!

On our first Christmas together, I noticed that Ben received a festive home-made advent calendar/stocking type creation from his mom. The advent calendar was complete with little pockets for each day and had Ben's name emblazoned in red felt at the top. Each of the little pockets were fitted with a tiny wrapped package to be opened on their corresponding day. The gifts were mostly things like pencils, chocolates and even the occasional mini-Norwegian flag.
Once we were married Ben's mom figured that I could start purchasing and wrapping little gifts for my husband's advent calendar. I thought otherwise and decided that I did not have the time or patience to wrap 25 tiny gifts for my 6'4" husband. I tend to lack skills in the whole doing 'thoughtful' things department . Thankfully Ben is my better half and is extremely thoughtful. He recently purchased a Norwegian advent calendar for our own daughter. Ben took the time to put her name on the top, buy her gifts, and wrap 25 little surprises for the Lil! Now every morning we go the Lily's advent calendar and she gets to unwrap a gift. The only obstacle to the cuteness of this whole situation is that a 19 month old does not really understand the concept of 'only one each day.' We have been dealing with 2.5 mini-meltdowns each day over why she cannot open another gift. Sigh....


Tiff said...

cutest thing ever! What a great idea! I may copy this starting next year!

Renee :) said...

She won't get the "one a day" at 3 years old either. Ugh.