Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Ha, irony! So in my last post I basically bragged to all of you about how warm and toasty we were in the 70 degree December sunshine. The bragging has now officially come to an end because I am currently looking at ice on the ground and the thermometer is reading a high of 40 (4 degrees C) in the middle of the day.

Yesterday morning, Ben dashed to grab a screaming Lily (side note: that would be a good name for an emo band 'Screaming Lily,' maybe I need to channel my inner musician and start one?) and yelled down for me to grab my camera quick! What could possibly need photographic documenting at 7:20 AM? Snow! Snow that actually stuck to the ground in the balmy San Francisco East Bay.One of the huge reasons that we moved down to California was to escape cold, wet weather... hmm we are feeling a little confused at the moment! Victoria has yet to see a single snow flake and San Francisco gets a dumping? Have I mentioned that in the 18 years I grew up in the Bay Area I never once saw snow on the ground? There was occasionally iciness on cold, winter mornings but never the white stuff.

A small part of me is secretly excited that I did not have to miss out on the annual winter dusting this year... I could get used to this whole global warming thing.

There is an abominable snow-woman in this picture if you look very hard...

Shot of the backyard!

Shot of my parent's lovely neighbor's house looking all quaint in the snow.

Poor little California stone birds and seasonal flowers.... they don't know what just hit them.


Tiff said...

Ive always loved those little stone birds...and ive always planned to snatch one in the future!