Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Brief Prologue: Blogger has been supremely lame lately and unwilling to show Adventures of the Family G correctly in both Internet Explorer and Safari. This lameness brought me mere moments away from transferring our entire blog to a new system. Luckily Blogger got their act together in the nick of time and pulled some strings. I am just sending this out into the blogosphere to apologize to our readers and remind Google that they had better get their act together or there is going to be a mighty migration to other much more refined systems.

So we are finally at our new home and settled in!! Drum-roll are the first pics of our new house.

It has a sort of rustic-flair, don't you think? Great open window and floor plan. Lots of space for entertaining.

Just kidding. I got you there for a sec didn't I? Do you take me for the rustic type?

This is the real deal. The front of our new townhouse. Not quite as rustic...

This is a view of the rest of the complex from our front porch. Please note the close proximity to the pool/spa.

We are super happy in our new place and will be sure to give everyone the 'inside' tour as soon as I get a chance to do a little indoor photography. For those of you interested in a California get-away we do have an extra guest room available for a reasonable price. Mostly Free. But we might tax you a meal or two out.



Family of Five said...

Yay! So glad you figured it out, I was really missing reading your blog! I love the pics of the "rustic house", where is that? We have to get together soon!