Sunday, May 18, 2008

6 Years Ago

Family Anniversary Portrait

Today is our 6th anniversary and we are thrilled to be able to celebrate with the new little person in our home. Lily stayed at home with her babysitter (Nona) while we went out to a celebratory dinner at Romeos. It was not fancy, but it was still great to get out of the house!

Lily's Grandma from California went home this afternoon after staying with us for 2.5 weeks. She was a huge help and took on the not so exciting jobs of making meals, cleaning our house, and helping with the occasional screaming session. Thanks Mom!

And on with the pics...

3 Generations

I became furious when Dad tried to pose me.

Sometimes I am a little thumb-sucker.


elisa deanne said...

Hurray! Ryan I were thinking of you guys when we were chilling in the sun! Congrats on a real cutie (of course) I can't believe how good you guys looks, especially Sarah, you really look great! We can't wait to see her cuteness maybe the end of May or beginning of June, she'll be so old then! Congrats again, you guys are going to be GREAT parents!