Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day 3

Sarah was discharged today. But she's trying to get some rest so I'll just post some more pictures for everybody's enjoyment.


"Maybe I should give them cute?"

"I found something here"

Teri. Pre-all niter. Imagine the pictures post...

Thursday @ 3-4.30pm. They wouldn't discharge us for over an hour, b/c the nurse on Tuesday morning forgot to give us bracelets identifying us as the parents. But that's ok, good to know there is security for other people.

Finally get down the elevator on our way out and who do we meet?

Good timing. 30 more seconds and we'd have missed eachother.
Sarah with her friends Jen and Sam.

Strapped into the tank. This baby is not going anywhere.

Merci Brian and Beth. This will come in handy

"I need a different shade of pink"

"Where is that nose again? I think it was here somewhere.."

Ben's homestyle Burrito's.
STEP 1: Roll tight

STEP 2: Let simmer

Little Cervato


Tricia said...

awesome pictures! it seems like she is really alert, and sooo cute!

Tiff said...

O man, i cant wait to see her!
I love the hair! I love the mouth! Its definitely Sarah's mouth...and she even does the mouth/lip pose that Sarah makes. Wow

Rachel H. said...

SOOOO adorable - and Tricia's right - SO alert!