Saturday, May 31, 2008

Peruvian Hat and a Rat

The title of this blog is a bit deceiving. There is indeed a Peruvian hat but the rat is really more of a field mouse from our backyard. Lily's Uncle Eric from California recently returned from a sojourn in South America. While on his travels he picked up a lovely hand-made hat for Lily in Peru. Lily has worn the hat on a couple of occasions- some worked out better than others.

Our 'rat' incident occurred when Ben was babysitting. Our cat Bella has been feeling extremely neglected and to remind us that she is still around she decided to bring us a present. She walked through our back door with a live mouse in her mouth and proceeded to drop it in front of Ben. Ben then trapped the mouse in a Tupperware and let the cat torture it for nearly an hour. You can check out the pseudo animal cruelty in the video below. Please note, Ben did eventually return the mouse safe and sound to its natural habitat.