Thursday, May 15, 2008

Exhausted but in Love

Sometimes I have to wear gloves so I don't scratch my face

First walk in the fancy BOB stroller at 8 days old.

Hanging out with her Grandpa from California. See the resemblance?

The best part of bath time- a warm towel to pee in.

We were warned in the past that having a baby changes everything... drastically. We figured that after 6 years of marriage, careers and life experience that we would be able to figure out this parenting thing no problem. Holy crap, all I can say is that it is way more difficult that I could have ever imagined! This is by far the most interesting, exhausting and hopefully rewarding challenge yet. It feels like a full-time job x 2.

Our little Lily is growing really quick. According the the books she is eating as much as a 1 month old and has already gained back 10 ounces from her brief stay at the hospital and has far surpassed her birth weight. Her job right now is to sleep lots, eat tons, scream a little at night and then start the cycle over again.

Thanks again to everyone for their well-wishes, phone calls and emails. I promise that in the coming weeks we will start to show our faces a bit more.


Elise said...

She's adorable! However I wish I would have discovered this blog a while ago because Im finding the pregnant posts rather theraputic as my stomach increases exponentially every week. Cant wait for more pics and updates! Wishing you the best!